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KHAØS, the Swiss/American band featuring:

Chandler Mogel (vocals)
Mark Rossi (guitar)
N I c Angileri (bass)
Antonio Princiotta (live guitar)
Daniel Bagutti (drums)

KHAØS was formed in June 2012 around the idea of making music without any kind of compromises. The band name itself reveals the main musical target: to let creativity, musicality and energy flow, destroying barriers and breaking through obstacles. Music itself is the centerpiece of this work.

KHAØS is a project on a global scale, involving two continents, America and Europe, and going possibly beyond. Their members have never actually played together in the same room. This came together thanks to the internet. It was an idea they wanted to put to the test.

In April 2015 the band came together for their first series of concerts.


Khaøs concert pix:


More about Khaøs:


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